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  • DO NOT DRIVE or OPERATE ANY KIND OF MACHINERY when using medical marijuana

  • By law, medical marijuana is to be used at home in private or at a private residence with after receiving permission to medicate at said residence.

  • Please treat MMJ like alcohol when transporting or purchasing (keep it unopened and closed when driving from dispensary to home, etc).

  • Always have your MMJ card (provided by the state) when purchasing products from a dispensary.

  • Always start low and increase slowly to avoid a bad experience or unwanted side effect/adverse event.

  • Length of duration of Physician recommendations = 210 days/7 months.

  • Length of duration of MMJ card = 1 year

1 CBD:1 THC (ratio/blend)

  • Great for Cannabis-naïve patients or for patients who do not want to experience much psycho-activity.

  • Found in tincture and vape form at any dispensary.

  • Can be found in flower form, depending on season.

  • General approach to cannabis initiation is ‘start low, go slow, and stay low

  • For cannabis inhalation, patients should start with 1 inhalation and wait approx 5-10 min.

  • Then, they may increase by 1 inhalation every 15-20 min until desired symptom control has been achieved.

  • Higher THC concentrations of herbal cannabis may allow utilization of lower amounts.

  • Patients should titrate accordingly to avoid adverse events.

  • THC-mediated side effects such as fatigue, tachycardia and dizziness are avoidable when starting dose is low and titration is slow.

  • Slow upward dose titration promotes tolerance to psychoactive sequelae of THC, which is especially important for naïve users

  • Medical cannabis patients, in contrast to recreational users, frequently use CBD predominant chemovars with the smallest amount of THC to get the greatest improvement in symptom control, function, and quality of life, with fewest adverse events

  • Attainment of euphoric effects is not required to attain symptom control.

  • For chronic conditions and symptoms, long acting oral preparations are the mainstay of Treatment

  • Vaporization and/or flower can be utilized as an add-on as needed technique for episodic exacerbations of symptoms

  • CBD can balance THC side effects, especially in daytime use, or when driving is required

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