Please read the following before and after your appointment!

What you'll need: 

  • State-issued driver's license.

    • Permanent Florida residents must have a valid Florida driver's license pr Florida photo ID. 

    • Seasonal residents (Reside in FL for more than 31 days at a time) must provide two different forms of documentation showing your current address.

  • Already diagnosed with a qualifying condition.

    • You are expected to bring medical records showing diagnosis. If you do not have documentation stating your diagnosis, the doctor may deny the mmj certification. We have a primary care physician that can perform a physical exam, order labs, and request or refer out for any other necessary information (pending your insurance qualifies). 

When you arrive:

  • Call or Text Kristin once you arrive in the parking lot for your appointment with Dr. Andreoni. 

  • Please wait in your car to avoid crowding in our waiting room (COVID-19 precautions).

  • Kristin will let you know once Dr. Andreoni is ready to see you.

  • At that point, you can head upstairs to the 3rd Floor (we have stairs and an elevator). Proceed to Suite 300.

After you see Dr. Andreoni:

  • After you see Dr. Andreoni, you will proceed to fill out the MMUR application.

  • Kristin will text and e-mail over instructions to how to complete this.

  • Call or text her if you have any questions. 


  • Patient Referrals

    • For you to successfully redeem the referral special (every three people sent = $25 off), you must have the patient being referred document your name on our forms AND tell Dr. Andreoni directly. You must be able to recall the patient's you referred if need be. 

  • Industry/MMTC Employees

    • If you wish to receive the industry discount ($25 off), you must show proof of MMTC employment via dispensary Photo ID/Badge. Please note this is not stackable with the one-time transfer patient special.

  • Veterans

    • If you wish to receive the one-time veteran discount (initial evaluation fee reduced to $75), you must show proof of being in the military /armed services via VA card, Photo ID, etc.

  • Transfer patients

    • If you are currently an mmj patient under another mmj physician, you can transfer to Dr. Andreoni for one-time transfer special of $50. No other discounts or specials are stackable. If you were once a patient of Dr. Andreoni's and transferred out, and looking to transfer back, the price is $125. 



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