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Cannabis Moms and Old-School Stigmas

One thing all mothers can agree on – the parenting business model isn’t what it used to be. Back in the day – make that waaaay back in the day of old-school sitcoms, the husband went to work and the wife/mother managed the household and all its mini-me inhabitants with sitcom-style humor and ease. If things got tough, then everyone had to wait for Dad to come home to make everything right.

Well, so much for sitcoms and canned laughter. What about the reality of today’s modern family? What happens when moms – especially single mothers – are diagnosed with an illness or they’re experiencing depression, anxiety, or both?

Some moms are turning to medical marijuana for relief!

For example, let’s take the common issue of postpartum depression, also known as peripartum depression. According to the American Psychiatric Association, “An estimated one in seven women experiences peripartum depression.” Psychology Today lists some of the symptoms of peripartum depression as:

  • Disorienting feelings of anxiety

  • Irritability, lethargy, or confusion often lead to frequent crying

  • Sleep and appetite concerns, and in extreme cases, thoughts of self-harm and infanticide

The treatment plan for a mother with PPD typically consists of a prescription for anti-depression and anti-anxiety medications and in some cases, support groups and talk therapy. But some women are pushing back on the standard treatment plan. Some mothers prefer medical marijuana over prescription drugs to treat PPD, as was the case with the mothers featured in this Good Housekeeping article.

But what about the stigma associated with being a so-called “pot mom?”

Sometimes referred to as “Green Moms” or “Cannabis Moms,” these mothers are often subjected to shaming for their decision and legal right to use medical marijuana to alleviate stress, anxiety, depression, and a litany of diseases. Journalist Tamron Hall recently opened up the conversation around moms, medical marijuana, and shaming with some mothers revealing just how devastating the shaming was when in reality, they’re the “same moms they always were.”

With more states like Florida joining the growing list that has legalized the use of both medical and recreational marijuana where does that leave all the Pot-mom Shamers? Perhaps they’re hanging out in that antiquated sitcom, waiting for Dad to come home and make everything right.

Don’t cave to peer pressure. There’s help out there.

But no need to cave to peer pressure or trends when all you have to do is consult with your certified health professional, get educated on the health benefits of medical marijuana and make the choice that best fits you. As a mother, you absolutely deserve all the support you can get to take care of yourself!

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