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How To Get a Medical Marijuana Card In Florida [2022 Guide]

Updated: Feb 8

Legalizing the medical use of Marijuana in Florida has been one of the best moves so far. Marijuana is currently legal for medical purposes in 23 states and the District of Columbia.

In June 2021, the US Supreme Court issued a ruling that made it medically legal in all states. Hence in 2022, we did see a significant increase in the number of states with medical marijuana laws.

However, despite the significant progress made in recent years, much work remains to be done. In many states, including Florida, patients are still required to obtain the proper evaluation from a certified cannabis physician before purchasing or using medical marijuana.

A review published in Clinical Psychology mentions that the use of cannabis has shown a greater level of relief in post-traumatic stress disorder and depression symptoms.

It's important to note that before you claim medical benefits from marijuana, you need to get a medical marijuana card (MMJ card) in Florida else you'll be breaking the law.

Read through to find more about Florida's MMJ Laws and the step-by-step guide to obtaining a Medical Marijuana Card.

Florida MMJ Laws

In recent years, many states have begun to ease their restrictions on medical marijuana. In some cases, residents can now walk in orderly lines at their local dispensary and buy cannabis oil, pills, or plants.

Other states have introduced "right to try" bills allowing patients to use medical marijuana with a doctor's recommendation.

Talking about Florida, unless you are a medical patient with a necessity to use marijuana medically in and around town, the penalties for doing so are appalling. Since Florida hasn't decriminalized the use or the possession of cannabis, you could be charged with a felony if caught with some.

The severity of the felony depends. For instance, if you're found with some amount of drug, you could be imprisoned for a year with a maximum of $1,000 fine; If you're found selling 20 grams of Cannabis or more, you could be detained for 5 years along with a $5,000 fine.

In conclusion, all these laws summarize the fact that until you have a valid MMJ card, it is pretty risky to use Cannabis anywhere around Florida.

The Complete Rundown To Obtain a Medical Marijuana Card:

Here's everything you need to know about getting a medical marijuana card in Florida so that you can live peacefully.

To obtain a medical marijuana card, firstly, you need to make sure you are:

- Permanent or Seasonal Resident of Florida

- Above 18 years of age

Permanent or Seasonal Resident of Florida:

You must have an established residency in Florida and meet those specified residency requirements to prove you are a permanent resident of Florida. So, you are a seasonal resident of Florida, if you relate to one or more of the following:

  • Live in Florida for at least 31 consecutive days in a year

  • Maintain a temporary residence

  • Return to the state at least once a year

  • Are registered to vote or pay income taxes in Florida

  • Patients in Florida diagnosed with one of the "debilitating medical conditions" are afforded legal protection under the Florida Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative (as per Amendment 2)

Above 18 years of age:

Age doesn't really make a huge difference. However, suppose you are below the age of 18. In that case, you require a parent or guardian to be registered as your caregiver during the process of obtaining an MMJ card and using it to buy and consume medical marijuana responsibly.

Once you check these two main requirements, you are all set to follow the step-by-step guide below to obtain a medical marijuana card in Florida.

Step 1: Book An Appointment With Our Doctor:

The first step is to book an appointment with the doctor, and this must be an in-person, face-to-face consultation. You need to be aware that online/ remote consultations are only permitted for renewal visits.

This clearly indicates that physicians are prohibited from certifying the medical use of Cannabis online. Hence, once you book an appointment, a doctor will be doing a physical examination while in the same room as you during your visit.

It is also important to note that you cannot consult just any doctor for this appointment, and you need to make sure the doctor you are consulting is registered with the state's cannabis program.

To confirm, you can double-check on the Florida DOH website for an updated list of Florida medical marijuana doctors. The DOH will only update your list with doctors who are currently practicing.

Step 2: Talk To Our MMJ Doctor To Evaluate Your Medical Records:

Once you have scheduled a visit with our doctor, you will be able to briefly discuss your medical condition, history, and the necessary methods and requirements for consuming marijuana medically.

Based on the truthful and accurate information you provide us, our doctor will be able to approve your application and enter your information into the medical marijuana use registry. If you're someone below the age of 18, your caregiver will also be added to the registry.

In order to be entered into the state's marijuana registry, you are required to provide proof of yourself as a Florida resident. Only then the acceptance of your application is guaranteed by the state of Florida.

To get accepted as a Florida Medical Marijuana patient, you will need to have at least one of the state-approved qualifying medical conditions such as:

  • Chronic nonmalignant pain is caused by a qualifying medical condition or originates from a qualifying medical condition and persists beyond the usual course.

  • Cancer

  • Epilepsy

  • Glaucoma


  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)

  • Crohn's disease

  • Parkinson's disease

  • Multiple sclerosis (MS)

  • Medical conditions of the same kind or class as or comparable to the others listed.

  • A terminal condition is diagnosed by a physician other than the qualified physician issuing the physician certification.

Step 3: Get Approved Right Away

Once a Canna Doctor confirms your eligibility, they will enter your name and information into the Florida Marijuana Use Registry, also known as the Compassionate Care Registry.

Please note that you cannot apply for your Florida MMJ card until you are officially in the Registry.

You can submit a completed form to the Office of Medical Marijuana Use once your information is successfully entered into the registry.

Your application will get approved if the necessary documents and information are stated precisely. After that, you will receive an email notifying you of your listing being activated.

If you are a seasonal resident of Florida, this whole application and approval process may take 10 - 15 business days.

Once you receive the email of your listing's activation, you may print or download the email on your mobile phone and use it to purchase the required marijuana from the choice of your dispensary.

Ensure to carry your regular ID card along with this email proof until you receive the physical MMJ card in 2 - 3 weeks.


Obtaining a medical cannabis card in Florida can vary from situation to medical condition. However, to get an MMJ card in Florida, a patient must first be diagnosed with a qualifying medical condition by a qualified physician before booking an appointment at CannaDocsFL.

After being diagnosed with a qualifying condition, the patient must then complete an application for a medical cannabis card with the Florida Department of Health, which includes providing proof of residency in the state of Florida.

The Department of Health will then review the patient's application, and if approved, the patient will be issued a medical cannabis card.


What Do I Do If My Medical Marijuana Card Expires?

If your medical marijuana card expires, you need to renew it. You can renew your medical marijuana card online or in person, and you need to consult a medical doctor in the same state every 210 days to renew the certification. The actual MMJ card itself is only valid for 12 months.

You will need to obtain a hard copy of your medical records to provide to the state. These records should include any previous medical conditions you have had, current medications you are taking, and any previous surgeries.

Once you submit this information, your medical marijuana card will be renewed. You should receive a new card in the mail within a few weeks.

From Where Can I Purchase Marijuana Once I Have The Card?

There are a few ways to purchase marijuana in legalized states. The most common and safest is through a dispensary, a store specifically for marijuana products.

You can also find marijuana products at grocery stores and other retailers. Be careful where you buy from. The quality of the product and the strength of the package may vary.


Cannabis Doctors of Florida is the #1 Medical Marijuana Clinic in Miami. Certified by the state of Florida to help provide Legal, Safe, and Medically Effective Health Therapies for those who qualify for a Medical Marijuana Card.

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