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Overcoming & living with Cannabis Stigma

Though 2016 saw the medical legalization of Cannabis in Florida, there is still much to be said about how society views this alternative medicine. Though the use of Medical Cannabis is on the rise, there are still many - especially in the political realm, but there are still many everyday people - who demonize and stigmatize Cannabis.

Take, for example, the recent vote for recreational Cannabis legalization in April. In a striking 5-2 vote, the Floria Justices ruled against legalizing. The justices argued that the language used in the proposal was 'misleading'.

“A Constitutional amendment cannot unequivocally ‘permit’ or authorize conduct that is criminalized under federal law,” Canady wrote. “A ballot summary suggesting otherwise is affirmatively misleading.”

That said, if you are beginning your journey with Medical Cannabis, you must learn about some of the Stigma you may encounter as a patient of Medical Cannabis; and how to balance your life with Medical Cannabis.

Working and Living with Medical Cannabis

The general stereotype surrounding Cannabis is known as: "happy, hungry, and sleepy" and while there may be some truth to this, it isn't entirely true - and grossly simplifies Cannabis' effects.

But, because this is the general idea that most people have about Cannabis, there is an idea that people who use Cannabis are lazy and will eat your entire fridge.

The truth is, Cannabis comes in a variety of strains. Each strain has its name, its effects, and other defining characteristics that distinguish them. No two strains are the same.

There are two types of Cannabis: Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica. These two are known, commonly, as Sativa and Indica, respectively.

Both types of Cannabis offer different effects. For example, Sativa is more closely related to an energizing and cerebral "high" whereas, Indica is known to relax and offer a more body "high".

Under both are hundreds of different strains, and with Cannabis being a cross-breeding plant, there are even more Hybrid strains that have both the effects of Sativa and Indica in one strain.

So, as you can see, there is much more to Cannabis than just getting tired and hungry. That said, the way people view your use of Cannabis depends entirely on how you compose yourself while under the effects. And, the prescription that you get depends on your qualifying conditions and what best treats them. So, understanding how different strains may affect you is key to living a balanced life with Cannabis.

For Indica dominant strains, which help relax and fall asleep, the timing of your dosage matters. If you are about to be in a situation where you need to focus and stay energized, then Indica is not the right choice. The more you consume, the stronger the effects, which is why it's recommended to stay with your prescribed dosage.

Sativa provides the opposite effects of Indica: energy and focus. Sativa would be a good choice for an event where you need to interact with others. Like Indica, consuming more than the recommended amount of Sativa can cause anxiety.


Be responsible with your Medical Cannabis. If you wouldn't do it with another substance, then don't do it with Cannabis. While Medical Cannabis is an alternative medicine, it is still a privilege to have, not a right.

Another thing to be mindful of while being a patient of Medical Cannabis is that there are many different routes of administration for Cannabis. If you are smoking your Cannabis, then be mindful of the smell.

Cannabis, when burned, smells and permeates through clothing, not to mention your breath and hands will have a lasting smell also. If you are concerned with how co-workers or family members will judge your use of Cannabis, then keep your smell in mind.

Another route of administration is edibles. Edibles contain Cannabis but can come in the form of a cookie or sour gummy worm. With many of the edibles that are being sold looking very appealing, it is important to warn others around you that your edible has Cannabis.

There is nothing worse than unsuspectingly consuming an edible that contains THC, so KEEP EDIBLES FAR AWAY FROM A CHILDS REACH AND LET PEOPLE KNOW THAT THERE IS CANNABIS IN YOUR EDIBLE.

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