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Picking The Right Medical Cannabis Physician

Let's face it, starting the Medical Cannabis process can seem like a daunting task at times. Paperwork, not seeing eye-to-eye with your physician, and poor service are just some of the many problems that one can encounter when beginning their journey with Cannabis as alternative medicine.

One may ask themselves, "how can I avoid the extra stress?" well, we at CannaDocsFL want to let you in on a secret: it's all about picking the correct Cannabis physician. Now, you might ask, "how can I pick from the many Physicians around me?" Let us help:


Arguably the most defining factor in making a decision, let's be honest, no one want's to break the bank. When deciding on your Cannabis physician, your pick should be cost-effective, without sacrificing quality.

It may seem like an impossible request to make, but it is not. You are already on the website of one of the most affordable; and highly rated, Cannabis physicians in Florida.

With our rates being some of the lowest, starting at $125, it's no wonder how we got to be one of the highest-rated Cannabis physicians in Florida; without ever sacrificing quality.

Not only are our rates competitive, but we're always offering deals and incentives to help you save. For example, our referral program is always getting better, and right now, it's at its best:

3 referrals = $25 off renewal

6 referrals = $50 off renewal

9 referrals = $50 off renewal

12 referrals = $50 off renewal

15 referrals = FREE RENEWAL

A Qualified and Proven Physician

While the cost is always a driving factor, it should never be your only reason. The reality is that several Cannabis physicians are just itching to get you evaluated; this doesn't always mean that they're the right choice.

Your Cannabis physician should have all the necessary qualifications required to practice; and should have the reviews of their service to go along with it.

For example, Dr. Andreoni, a former surgeon turned Cannabis physician; and now proprietor of CannabisDocsFL. Dr. A has put his time in and has continuously proven that his dedication to the health and well-being of Floridians comes first.

After all, how many Cannabis physicians can say they have a perfect rating of 5-stars on Google Reviews and Yelp?

Dispensary Knowledge and Connections

Another aspect of Medical Cannabis that patients have trouble with is choosing the right dispensary. With so many to choose from, how do you know which is the right one?

Trust your physician. If you've picked the right one, then you have nothing to worry over. The qualified Cannabis physician is knowledgeable in the many dispensaries they work with and can help you make the right choice.

Your dispensary will have many routes of administration for Medical Cannabis, and your qualified physician will likely have recommended the correct dosage and route of administration for you. Your task is choosing the right dispensary for your needs.

Here at CannaDocsFL, we have strong working relations with many well-known dispensaries. Columbia Care, Truelieve, and Fluent are some of the many dispensaries that know and love our patients.

The reason they love our patients? They know Dr. A recommends those who are serious about Medical Cannabis; Dr. A only works with credible and reliable dispensaries that care about the patients as much as he does.

With all of this said, what are you waiting for; book an evaluation with the best Cannabis doctor Florida has to offer.

Get Healthy with Nature’s Medicine Legally!

Cannabis Doctors of Florida is the #1 Medical Marijuana Clinic in Miami. They are certified by the state of Florida to help provide Legal, Safe, and Medically Effective Health Therapies for those who qualify for a Medical Marijuana Card.

Contact a Cannabis Doctors of Florida office in your area and Learn How They Can Help

You! Schedule an Appointment TODAY and Discover the Difference Legal Cannabis can

have on your Physical and Mental Well-being!

Dr. Andreoni

(305) 893-3989

Instagram: @CannaDocsFL

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