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Strains For The Right Occasion

What Are Cannabis Strains?

CannabisDocsFL invites you to learn about the wonders of Cannabis! We're excited to help you begin your journey with alternative medicine, and we'd like to make sure you're informed about every aspect of Cannabis. Knowing how to distinguish different types of Cannabis and their effects is just as important as knowing how to consume it. No matter the occasion, there is always the right strain to pick for the desired feeling.

There are two species of Cannabis to remember: Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa. In recent times, However, crossbreeding of the two species has resulted in hybrid strains becoming prevalent. For your sake, we'll be going over all three kinds and their effects, along with some popular strains.

Cannabis Indica

The most notable difference between Indica and Sativa is the effects that they have on consumers. Indica strains are known for the extreme relaxation that comes with using them. These strains are known for also helping reduce nausea and pain and increase appetite. As such, Indica is most commonly used at night to help get to bed.

Websites such as are great tools for learning different strains. Using websites like Leafly ensures that you know what you get and how it might affect you.

Three of the most popular Indica strains include:

  • Hindu Kush - Known to make you relaxed and sleepy

  • Afghan Kush - Know to relax and help with stress

  • Granddaddy Purple - Known for its extreme relaxation and hunger induction

Indica plants are also distinguishable by physical traits. Indica plants are short and stocky. Indica also tends to have leaves that are more broad and wide.

Cannabis Sativa

Far more mentally stimulating than its Indica counterpart, Cannabis Sativa is more for daytime use. Sativa users report feeling more energized and creative. That said, because of the "mind high" associated with Sativa, there is a greater risk of having an anxiety-related "bad trip" or negative experience.

Three of the most popular Sativa strains are:

  • Acapulco Gold - Known for its happy and uplifting effects

  • Panama Red - Known for its energizing and happy effects

  • Durban Poison - Known for its great taste and energizing effects

Like with Indica, Sativa is recognizable by its physical traits. For example, Sativa plants are tall and thin with finger-like leaves.

Hybrid Cannabis

As previously stated, crossbreeding of Indica and Sativa strains has resulted in various Hybrid strains. These hybrid strains have a wide range of effects. Depending on the parent plants used to breed, the effects can range from batch to batch. Hybrid strains have allowed for some creative growers to get the best of Indica and Sativa and combine them into one strain.

Choosing the right hybrid depends on the effects that you are looking to feel. Some of the most popular strains include:

  • Pineapple Express - Known for its happy and relaxing effects

  • Trainwreck - Known for its euphoric and uplifting effects

  • Blue Dream - Known for its happy and creative effects

There is no set way to determine the hybrid strains by their physical attributes. Physical attributes with hybrids depend on the parent plants used when growing and genetics.

Cannabis Isn't Always Necessary

Though there are more well-adjusted strains for every occasion, the option to go to an important event sober always remains. Keep in mind that, no matter the strain, you are still under the influence of a substance. You should not drive while under the influence of Cannabis, nor is it advisable to operate heavy machinery. Keep your safety and the safety of those around you in mind. Consume responsibly, and enjoy!

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