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What Is A Cannabis Doctor?

Cannabis Doctors in Florida are Licensed Medical Practitioners, along with over 83,500 other multi-discipline physicians who possess the same state required qualifications. As with the general population of doctors, some may choose to practice in a specific area of medicine, while others may decide to become general practitioners.

The only difference between a #MedicalMarijuanaDoctor and a non-cannabis doctor is the willingness and specific qualifications needed to recommend Medical Marijuana. In today’s new and ever-evolving universe of Cannabis Therapy, clinics specializing in the use and therapeutic protocols of Legal Marijuana are able to provide treatment

recommendations based on diagnostic testing, medical history, and specific ailments.

To be clear, Cannabis Doctors dedicated to helping treat patients with Medical Marijuana protocols, specialize in the recommendation of Cannabis Treatments based on the results of tests performed on patients PRIOR to being seen by them. They should NOT be confused with, or considered primary care physicians and DO NOT perform diagnostic testing in their office.

While the medical treatment horizons for #CannabisTherapies have broadened considerably in recent years, the legal landscape for Medical Marijuana is still being cultivated and continues to present thorny issues regarding its utilization.

Dr. Anthony Andreoni is among the new breed of Medical Doctors committed to utilizing the vast potential of Cannabis Protocols being researched and developed daily. His personal interest in fitness, nutrition, and health, coupled with his professional passion for helping people overcome serious and chronically debilitating illnesses, has established him as one of premiere Cannabis Doctors in Florida.

“This is an exciting time to be practicing medicine! New treatment protocols with the life-changing potential of Cannabis don’t come along every day,” says Dr. Andreoni. “The more we learn about the healing qualities of Marijuana, the bigger the debate becomes about legitimizing Cannabis in the broadest sense possible, both medically and legally.”

As the positive benefits of #MedicalMarijuana continue to make headlines in health publications across the country, the legal discussion centering on Federal Legalization still remains a political hot potato even as 36 states have approved its use for

legitimate medical treatment.

Research Results Spark Growth In Demand

Research spawns knowledge and with knowledge comes demand. The patients who flow into Dr. Andreoni’s Cannabis Doctors of Florida offices in South Florida come in for a variety of medical maladies, many of them associated with chronic pain, ongoing illness, or a desire to live without the side effects traditional medications can produce.

“For those of us in the medical field who are knowledgeable about the wellness applications of Cannabis and are seeing firsthand the surge in demand - many times desperate demand - the sluggish response by government agencies to approve treatment protocols is frustrating,” laments Dr. Andreoni. “Removing the legal barriers would promote research and ultimately bring much wanted relief to millions of people.”

Currently in the United States, approximately 4 million state-legal MMJ patients use some form of Medical Marijuana to alleviate a wide range of infirmities related debilitating diseases. That number is forecast to grow exponentially in the coming years despite the bumpy road to legal acceptance.

Demand for #LegalMarijuana is much more than a single country phenomenon. Globally, the market size was valued at 24.6 billion (USD) in 2020, and is expected to expand to an estimated $30 billion by 2025. That kind of growth is exactly what will prompt private investors, corporate entities, and politicians alike to fast-track market

development and MedicalCannabis availability.

Cannabis Docs Leading The Way

As much as #CannabisDoctors would like to see expedited regulations and more efficient treatment avenues in place, they are optimistic and thankful for the progress made to date. The creation of Medical Marijuana Cards was an important first step which has opened the door to a future filled with wellness opportunities and healthy, natural alternatives.

With the burgeoning #LegalCannabis industry and its focus on Changing the Way People Look at Healthcare, it is only natural that those interested in new and developing financial opportunities are taking names and taking notice! As the legalization conversations grow louder, so too does the call for lawmakers to listen more intently to the voices of chronically ill people across the country, and around the globe.

And when the market finally does begin to catch up to what Cannabis Doctors like Dr. Andreoni and others like him are saying, and more importantly doing, to improve the health of otherwise hopeless patients, a new era of Medical Healing will indeed be upon us.

“The door has been opened, but only barely. There is so much to be done and so many people whose lives could be changed for the better,” says Andreoni. “The blueprints for a healthier tomorrow are in front of us. It’s simply a matter of creating the reality!”

Get Healthy with Nature’s Medicine Legally!

Cannabis Doctors of Florida is the #1 Medical Marijuana Clinic in Miami. They are certified by the state of Florida to help provide Legal, Safe, and Medically Effective Health Therapies for those who qualify for a Medical Marijuana Card.

Contact a Cannabis Doctors of Florida office in your area and Learn How They Can Help

You! Schedule an Appointment TODAY andDiscover the DifferenceLegal Cannabis can

have on your Physical and Mental Wellbeing!

Dr. Andreoni

(305) 893-3989

Instagram: @CannaDocsFL

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